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San Diego County Tax Resolution Attorney

Whether you’re dealing with your personal or business finances, Southern California tax liability can be a real issue. At the Law Offices of David M. Boertje, we specialize in finding a solution for whatever tax problem is keeping you from reaching your full financial potential.

Owing a state or federal tax debt can greatly impact your life and can cause a huge amount of stress. It can be hard to know where to turn, or if there are even options available for help. Luckily, you don’t have to shoulder this burden alone. Professional tax resolution services can help you avoid future tax liability, and, in some instances, may even be able to reduce the amount of tax debt owed.

Dedicated, Professional, and Vigorous Representation

Whether it’s a state tax issue, a problem with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), or both, retaining a professional to advocate for you, guide you seamlessly through the tax debt and resolution process, and reach a resolution that genuinely works for you, is invaluable.

Many individuals spend months feeling overwhelmed, and trying to find a solution on their own. However, during that time, their tax debts continue to accrue and make a bad situation worse. A representative from the Law Offices of David M. Boertje will work promptly and zealously on your behalf. In the event that it’s a California state tax issue, your dedicated tax resolution attorney will collaborate directly with California’s Department of Tax and Fee Administration to seek a resolution that is fair and meets your needs.

Confidential and Secure

Confidentiality and security of your personal, business, and financial information is our top priority. We understand that the information you are sharing is sensitive, and we ensure that it remains confidential and protected while we work to thoroughly and entirely resolve any outstanding state or federal tax debt or issues. We are careful to ensure that each and every piece of sensitive data is stored securely and used to exact the best possible outcome for you.

Unique Resolutions Catered to Your Needs

There is sometimes a stigma around tax issues, and it can keep people from coming forward and asking for help. However, there’s really no shame in having an outstanding tax debt or making a mistake when filing--it can happen to anyone--and does happen to tens of thousands of people each year. What can feel like a massive boulder of a problem can often be resolved with a quick and custom-tailored solution, negotiated by a tax resolution professional.

Common solutions include:
  • Payment and installment plans, with payments calculated based on what you can reasonably and actually afford while still meeting your costs of living. The IRS has regularly approved payment and installment plans for $1,000/month or less for outstanding debts up to $100,000 when negotiated by a professional and supported by relevant evidence and documentation.
  • Compromise. The IRS loses over $400 Billion a year in unpaid taxes, so they are often willing to settle for a lower amount than owed on back-taxes. However, the IRS approves relatively few offer-in-compromise applications in proportion to the number received, so it’s critical to have a knowledgeable and experienced professional on your side.
  • Levy release. If the IRS is garnishing your wages and it is resulting in financial hardship, your attorney can help you request a levy release, which would put a stop to any money coming out of your paycheck. It is important to note that even if a levy release is granted, your attorney may still need to work out another way for you to settle the remaining debt, such as compromise or a payment plan that does not cause economic duress.
Get the Help You Deserve

If you are feeling stressed out and pulled too thin because of a tax debt that feels impossible to pay off, or another tax issue that you can’t seem to find a solution to, you are not alone. Contact our offices today, serving San Diego County, and all of greater Southern California. If you have a California tax issue, we can help you solve it. We offer free consultations by phone and online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out how much better your life can be, tax problem free.

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“Brian is a great lawyer. He is compassionate and kind and truly cares about his clients and their situations. If you are with him, you are in good hands as he will do everything he can to help you!” Jennifer
“We were in a very difficult situation with a car accident. Many attorneys wouldn't take my case. Bryan worked with my family and helped us through a difficult situation. He kept me informed and let my family know how things were progressing. In the unfortunate event I have to call an attorney, I will only call Bryan Mortlock.” Aaron
“David is honest and conscientious. I've known him and worked with David and his staff for several years, and trust him, implicitly. He's also an excellent trial attorney, and truly cares about his clients. Very hard working, and has an excellent support staff. If I ever needed assistance, David is the first person I would call.” Steven
“Mr. Boertje was extremely helpful in one of the most trying times in my life. He was kind, understanding, professional and effective in getting my case resolved. I would highly recommend retaining him. Any time I had questions or concerns, he was very quick to answer and honest about what the outcome might be. I know if I ever had a case again, I would not hesitate to hire him.” Aaron