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Truck Driving Accidents

Commercial trucks are involved in over 4,000 fatal accidents annually. 361 of these fatalities were in California—its many highways and the sometimes-tricky terrain, as well as the high volume of commercial trucking throughout the state, dramatically increase the risk of these accidents. Highway 99 is one of the deadliest stretches of land in the country. If you or someone you love was hurt or killed in an accident involving a commercial truck or big rig, you should not have to bear this burden alone. David M. Boertje will offer you a free consultation to see if you have a case.

San Diego Truck Accidents

Truck accidents can be far more serious than other vehicle collisions due to the size and weight of trucks as well as possible viewing restrictions due to the height and position of the cabin. A single truck can weigh the equivalent to 20 passenger cars, and trucks take 20 times as long as cars to come to a halt. This means that a lot of close calls become unavoidable collisions very quickly. Chancing a lane change, being distracted, driving with delayed responsiveness due to a demanding work schedule or sleep deprivation, and other instances of negligence, can all result in fatal accidents.

How Our Attorneys Can Help

Civil lawsuits are intended to financially restore the victim, putting them in the position they would have been in financially, had the accident never occurred. Damages can include:

  • Medical bills and cost of treatment, hospitalization, rehabilitation, medication, and all related costs.
  • Lost wages and/or diminished earning potential due to inability to work while recovering from the accident, or a reduced ability to work temporarily or permanently afterward.
  • Pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of companionship
  • Expenses related to vehicle damage and necessary modifications
  • In rare cases, punitive damages, intended to punish the offender for extreme or malicious behavior, are available. In California, there is no cap on punitive damages.
Strategy is Important

When bringing a lawsuit for a trucking accident, strategy is important. David M. Boertje has the experience to build you the strongest possible case, and will customize his strategy to you the moment you call. No two accidents are exactly the same, so no two lawsuits are, either. The sooner you call, the sooner your lawyer can make sure you are taking the actions most advantageous for your claim.

Your lawyer will also be able to help you determine who is liable legally (i.e. who you can sue in court). While you may think that only the driver is liable, depending on the circumstances of the collision, there may be many other parties involved, including the company the truck driver works for. The manufacturer of the truck or its component parts can also be liable if a defect contributed to or caused the collision. Further parties can also be the trucking insurance company, contractor, and the seller of the cargo that was being transported if its qualities contributed to the accident.

The trucking companies have teams of investigators and lawyers on their side to limit liability. Having a lawyer on your team who understands how these cases work makes all the difference.

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It can be incredibly stressful dealing with the aftermath of a trucking accident. Let the lawyers at Boertje & Associates fight for you. Schedule your free consultation today.

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“Brian is a great lawyer. He is compassionate and kind and truly cares about his clients and their situations. If you are with him, you are in good hands as he will do everything he can to help you!” Jennifer
“We were in a very difficult situation with a car accident. Many attorneys wouldn't take my case. Bryan worked with my family and helped us through a difficult situation. He kept me informed and let my family know how things were progressing. In the unfortunate event I have to call an attorney, I will only call Bryan Mortlock.” Aaron
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“Mr. Boertje was extremely helpful in one of the most trying times in my life. He was kind, understanding, professional and effective in getting my case resolved. I would highly recommend retaining him. Any time I had questions or concerns, he was very quick to answer and honest about what the outcome might be. I know if I ever had a case again, I would not hesitate to hire him.” Aaron